A FREE giclée print of a poster of your choice will be sent to one lucky individual after the site reaches a total of 50 persons that sign up on our twitter account. (A third party will conduct the drawing from the first 50 that sign on.) All subtletalk announcements will be posted on twitter.
Posted by Duncan Harper from Canada  5 years and 5 months  ago...
Thank you again for the beautiful giclée print. The quality of the image is excellent. The print arrived in perfect condition , quickly too, all the way to Europe.
Posted by Mary from Portugal  6 years and 2 months  ago...
Mid-November a year ago, came online. This unique poster art collection grows two new posters per month. As of today, there are a total of 45 posters displayed on the site. Contributing artists come from all corners of the world. Please have a look! See what subtletalk has to say. We have been busy making a few changes to the site and of course there are more changes to come. For example, you can now buy a single poster (jpeg image) for all of 88 cents.

The number of unique visitors to the site steadily rises. In 2013, a comprehensive marketing strategy will be implemented; a stable client base is hoped for. One of our goals is to keep subtletalk free of any advertising. By taking out a two-year subscription to subtletalk posters for 12 Canadian dollars, one gains access to all poster files and ultimately helps support the growth and development of this website. And contributing artists benefit whenever an archival fine art giclée print of one of their posters is ordered. The quality of these giclée prints is simply superb.

Please explore all that the site offers. Thank you very much for your interest and support.
Posted by Duncan Harper from Canada  6 years and 5 months  ago...
I love your playing with words

"... as we strive to get our bearings ..."

Posted by mary from Canada  6 years and 5 months  ago...
Duncan: Thank you for the "graphic poems" of It seems that you are creating a new literary genre. Waiting for more, Marijke
Posted by Marijke Boucherie from Portugal  6 years and 6 months  ago...
Hello Duncan,
This is such an amazing concept that you've developed. It's so creative and very inspiring!
It's a site that you can just keep going back to and seeing new things or new interpretations - always exciting!
Posted by Mary Jane from Canada  6 years and 7 months  ago...