Duncan: Thank you for the "graphic poems" of It seems that you are creating a new literary genre. Waiting for more, Marijke
Posted by Marijke Boucherie from Portugal  6 years and 9 months  ago...
Hello Duncan,
This is such an amazing concept that you've developed. It's so creative and very inspiring!
It's a site that you can just keep going back to and seeing new things or new interpretations - always exciting!
Posted by Mary Jane from Canada  6 years and 10 months  ago...
We jumped past a few hurdles in these first nine months of subtletalk online. Finding a rhythm. Taking chances. Making changes.

Not long ago, I gave a well-known Vietnamese painter a simple text and carte blanche to paint "A Banjo at the Waterfall". For me it was a title that deserved a painterly story. He took it all the way there! Normally with these posters I present the artist with a text and certain elements that I want present in the finished artwork. This time it was different. I look forward to using the "title" approach again. It can produce another kind of fruit.

We are averaging two new posters per month. I am interested in attracting artists who are sympathetic to what subtletalk is doing. I am especially eager to see some drawers and typographers participate. Please let them know if you happen to know any.

I think I will be adding fluidity to the comments section of this site soon by positioning some poetry there. Under Profile, you will find a link to a book of poems I published in 2006. There is also a review there. Comments are not as frequent as I would like on this site so adding a few poems now and again will make up for it. Poems have dynamic structures; perhaps they can be seen as comments under construction. Of course, I heartily welcome comments from visitors to this site.
Posted by Duncan Harper from Canada  6 years and 11 months  ago...
Hello Duncan.

You said I would enjoy this new site and find it fascinating - right on both counts.

Posted by john r dicks from Canada  7 years and 3 months  ago...
Morning Duncs

Oh my, the new poster is magical!

xx jski
Posted by janet burke from Canada  7 years and 3 months  ago...
Welcome to subtletalk. Enjoy all your visits. We have been online for about 100 days now, and we have added 8 new posters in that time. Our aim is to have a new poster up every 12 days. A minimum of 30 posters per year are planned. An economical new feature has been added to the site recently. Now you can download a jpeg file of any poster you want for only 88 cents. Add an extra punch to your own communications by attaching a poster. Print up your own poster, notecards, etc. A two year subscription to all poster files for only 12 Canadian dollars is also available. Quality giclée prints too. The use of external advertising as a revenue tool on this site is not a good fit in our eyes. This means your input here is much appreciated. Your patronage is key. Your comments about the site and about the posters are wanted. Passing this site's link on to others helps us grow . And visual artists anywhere out there, explore the opportunity that beckons. Many thanks, DH
Posted by Duncan Harper from Canada  7 years and 4 months  ago...