I love your playing with words

"... as we strive to get our bearings ..."

Posted by mary from Canada  7 years and 6 months  ago...
Duncan: Thank you for the "graphic poems" of It seems that you are creating a new literary genre. Waiting for more, Marijke
Posted by Marijke Boucherie from Portugal  7 years and 7 months  ago...
Hello Duncan,
This is such an amazing concept that you've developed. It's so creative and very inspiring!
It's a site that you can just keep going back to and seeing new things or new interpretations - always exciting!
Posted by Mary Jane from Canada  7 years and 8 months  ago...
We jumped past a few hurdles in these first nine months of subtletalk online. Finding a rhythm. Taking chances. Making changes.

Not long ago, I gave a well-known Vietnamese painter a simple text and carte blanche to paint "A Banjo at the Waterfall". For me it was a title that deserved a painterly story. He took it all the way there! Normally with these posters I present the artist with a text and certain elements that I want present in the finished artwork. This time it was different. I look forward to using the "title" approach again. It can produce another kind of fruit.

We are averaging two new posters per month. I am interested in attracting artists who are sympathetic to what subtletalk is doing. I am especially eager to see some drawers and typographers participate. Please let them know if you happen to know any.

I think I will be adding fluidity to the comments section of this site soon by positioning some poetry there. Under Profile, you will find a link to a book of poems I published in 2006. There is also a review there. Comments are not as frequent as I would like on this site so adding a few poems now and again will make up for it. Poems have dynamic structures; perhaps they can be seen as comments under construction. Of course, I heartily welcome comments from visitors to this site.
Posted by Duncan Harper from Canada  7 years and 10 months  ago...
Hello Duncan.

You said I would enjoy this new site and find it fascinating - right on both counts.

Posted by john r dicks from Canada  8 years and 1 month  ago...
Morning Duncs

Oh my, the new poster is magical!

xx jski
Posted by janet burke from Canada  8 years and 2 months  ago...