Posters generally advertise a product or an event. The posters you will find here take a different tack; they have something to say. The poster art format adds the extra punch. The Duncan Harper Collection of Texts (and photographs) spanning over forty years is at work here. However, other people's talents are vital to making this site what it is. Fortunately for me, and with many thanks to them, contributing artists work diligently interpreting/complementing the texts I give them. A happy marriage of text and image in the "poster" format is always the goal.

The artists being showcased here receive most of their financial reward from the sales of limited edition giclée prints of their posters. Ultimately, these superb archival prints will grace the walls of folks who may identify with the underlying theme of these posters - navigating well-being. Low-res digital images of the subtletalk posters are available at no cost. Sales of the giclée prints are the main source of revenue.

There is no external advertising anticipated for this site. Ideally, you help support this site and its contributing artists by treating yourself and/or a friend to an exquisite giclée print of one or more posters.

Your interest and your support will always be appreciated.

 Texts and art direction: Duncan Harper - Project Catalyst 

- Strength poster Photo credit: NASA

- Believing is convenient/Being open grows perspective poster Photo credit: NASA

Marijke Boucherie reviews Sudden Routes of Experience: Thirty Poems from Duncan Harper

This book can be ordered here.

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